Copyright 1990-2011 Paul Terry - Eleventh Dimension Artworks Oddyssey Pages:  1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 A Family Photo Journey... 2010 In 2010 I started a family photo project to keep the clans in touch with each other over the year. Coming off the heals of a very successful "at arms length" project in 2009 it seemed natural to keep this going with another project. This time I would be upping the game a little bit and getting a bit more involved. In 2010 each month I would put out a "photo assignment" for the family that would follow holidays and the themed events that typically fall throughout the year. However, this seemed a little too easy. So I also decided to get jump-started on some art of my own and keep a storyline going throughout the year. So each month I put out a piece of a story, along with an assignment that both fit with the story and the month. For example, the project started in February and our hero Od is pining for his long lost love Penny: Theme for February = Love. The story loosely follows the epic "The Odyssey” by Homer. The following pages in this section follow Od's story. On the right there are a few development storyboards to help me get a feel for Od as a character and the journey he would face along the way. Enjoy.